When last we visited Z-Cult they had received a cease and desist letter from Marvel, telling them to stop providing torrents for Marvel comic scans to their users

They also decided to voluntarily wait 30 days before providing new DC issues, but in the meantime they have received similar letters from DC and Top Cow, so all those books are going away as well.

While it’s hard to feel too sorry about a site that is so clearly built on providing other people’s content for free, they’ve obviously put a lot of effort into making the site a solid destination for comics fans.  Combine that with a decent quality community standard reader, and it leaves little doubt that someone should have been providing an iTunes like service for comic books years ago. 

Seen from a price vs. time perspective comics have been an expensive form of entertainment since they left the land of ten cent books over thirty years ago.  Most of that cost is, of course, ink and paper.  It’s a shame that they currently seem to be missing an opportunity to add another tier to their releases (ink and paper, to online, to graphic novel) and increase their profitability and the size of the audience.

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