Besides being a very talented artist and animator, Nina Paley became involved in the fight over copyright when her project Sita Sings the Blues was almost sunk when she discovered that she needed to pay a fee to use some 80 year-old songs, and ended up having to pay $50K to use what had at least been, partially at least, in the public domain.

She’s now posting some interesting thoughts on the “Cult of Originality” that has infested our creative process, and takes a good hard look on the inherent problems that true originality faces in the creative marketplace, and why we need to be able to be unoriginal to connect with an audience. And, as usual, she’s doing it with cartoons!

Nina also created a video to go along with the concept that shows that the history of art is built on derivative works:

The truth is that every creative person stands on the shoulders of giants that came before us.

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