I’ve been following this site for a few months now.  It’s a hip little mp3 aggregator that links to blogs that post music tracks and lets you search them by artist, or title, or whatever.

It’s been a great way for me quickly listen to new artists, find classic tracks, or get a taste of what’s hip and happening in the music world.

A month or so ago they underwent a major redesign, adding a ton of graphics and new functionality.  In many ways it wasn’t really as good as it was before, but I figured they were succumbing to either real or perceived music industry influence.  I didn’t use it as much, but it was still my go to place when I needed to find a song fast.

Today I went there and the site has be “re-designed” yet again.  This time as a mid-nineties style text driven page, that’s about as bare bones as you can possibly imagine.  I think it may actually be an improvement, but you still have to wonder what’s going on.

Anyone know the scoop?

UPDATE: And a day later they’re back to normal.  I guess it was just a hiccup, although it was kind of fun seeing a modern site go all text for a while.

They do seem to have kept the functional streamlining and upgrades.

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