There’s something incredibly powerful about Twitter.  While the basic functionality is basically just basic IM software married to an old-fashioned party line (check out some sixties sitcoms if you don’t know what that is), the real innovation is the way in which you relate to the other people that you’re connected with.

imageWhile it appeals to the collector instinct that other sites like MySpace and FaceBook have seemed to have capitalized on, it’s not all that useful to be following hundreds of different people. The signal to noise ratio is pretty low to begin with, and everyone you add is basically fracturing the conversation a little bit more.  What’s nicer is when someone new follows you. It feels like your megaphone is growing a little bigger with every person who connects to your feed.  I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something…

It’s an egalitarian process as well.  There are no barriers to communicating with strangers, and they’re perfectly welcome to respond to you without having to go through an official process to make the connection.

And its core message is all about the power of premise. The whole thing is built around a single fundamental question:

What are you doing?

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