WHAT IF… the world is falling apart
and it isn’t even your world?

The good news is that Matt Zero is awake and alive. The bad news? The FooL’s on fire, and everything is burning down around him!

But even if Matt Zero can survive the out of control shaping magic that just saved saved his life, it doesn’t mean that he’s out of danger—not by a long shot.

And while the changelings are busy figuring out what to do to (and with) Matt, Betsey has been thrown in a cage. If she’s gong to survive this strange place, she had better do what she can to try and understand what it really means to be a changeling, and how she can use the power to transform from woman to wolf and back again to her own advantage.

But mastering her power is only half the battle. The Witch Queen’s army waits just outside the gates of the city, and once they break through no changeling inside the walls be safe.

Betsey’s real journey in this strange new reality has only just begun.



What If The Only Way To Escape From Reality
Was by Throwing Yourself Into the Unknown?

Betsey Weisz is a tough-chick from New Jersey who’s always relied on herself first. But when her darkest fears lurch to life, she discovers that she can’t survive without help of an angelic inter-dimensional traveller who’s can’t remember who (or what) he really is.

Now she and Matt Zero are leaping from one alternate reality to the next, battling demons, dragons, and everything in-between. And far more terrible than anything they face in any dimension is the thing chasing them between universes.

If they’re ever going to stop, they’ll have to reach “The World”—the one location in all the multiverse that holds the secret to defeating the cosmic forces that are hunting them down.

But to find it they’ll need to uncover the truth about who the FooL really is. And the more they discover about his past, the less Matt wants to know, while Betsey finds herself being seduced by the incredible powers of the multiverse.

Featuring a unique cast of characters, wild alternate realities, and a uniquely off-kilter sense of humor, the adventures of Betsey and the FooL will appeal to fans of paranormal romance, urban horror, and cosmic sci-fi. It’s a multiverse of action, intrigue, mystery, and humor.

Leap into this mind-blowing fantasy adventure series that will satisfy your itch for supernatural adventure, and leave you wanting more.

Praise for The Fool

Andrew Mayer is to the sci-fantasy genre what Grant Morrison is to comics: at once a mashup of the past and purposeful move onward. Get your dose of 21st Century multiverse right here, from an author who clearly loves playing in this space, and with your mind.
—Douglas Rushkoff, Author of Present Shock and Testament


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