Since we started talking about science fiction and fantasy musicals yesterday, I thought it might be fun to spend the next few days going over the past and future of this strange sub-genre of nerd culture.

There is of course, no more well-known example of the species than everyone’s favorite midnight sing-along show, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While people put the movie down, the plot is actually pretty solid when compared to most musicals, and the songs are pretty damn good as well.  Of course it’s the midnight shout-alongs that are the source of the movie’s fame and fortune, and if you haven’t ever seen it with a live audience and/or stage show, you should give it a try.  It’s a unique experience, and the idea of aliens from a hedonistic other planet is one that I think still has some possibilities left to explore.

Here’s some cast members from Buffy doing their own interpretations of some of the (admittedly weaker) songs from the show:

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