I wanted to let everyone know about an exciting event that I’m going to be a part of tomorrow (Friday 6/13): it’s called the “Cruel Book Summer”, and it’ll be a virtual mini-convention on Facebook.
A dozen Dark Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and YA authors are going to be showing up online to discuss our books, along with whatever else people want to chat with us about.

You can find out more about that here.

I’ll be hanging out from 11AM to 3pm PST, so come on by and say hello.
As a part of the event all the authors are putting their ebooks on sale for $.99. You can see the complete list of books below this post.

That sale includes the first episode of the Fool: the Jersey Devil, so if there’s someone you know who you think would enjoy the book, now is a great time to let them know about it.

Thanks again for your support!



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