Have you ever wondered just how much of a weasel you need to be to run a major studio?

The former head of Disney says the reason that writers shouldn’t strike is that there isn’t any money in streaming media yet.

Of course if you have a percentage of almost nothing it’s less than nothing. But he has an answer for that, “What I’m saying is for a current writer, for six thousand people to give up today’s money for a nonexistent piece today is stupid.”

But it’s always easier to negotiate for something before there’s a big dollars involved, and he knows it.  After having to beg for scraps of DVD sales it’s clear that the union has learned its lesson, and is getting out in front on this one.

Right now the strike is the story.  What’s will be interesting to see is what other media the audience will turn to if there aren’t any new shows or movies to watch.  And once they’ve discovered something new will they ever come back?

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