Penny Arcade ExpoI’ll be speaking at the Penny Arcade Expo on July Sixth.

My speech last year ended up being standing room only, so if you want to see it, make sure you get there early!

Here’s what it’s going to be about:

The Future of Gaming: You Don’t Know What You’re Going to Get

The success of the Wii, the iPhone, and the rise of social gaming are already turning the entire video game industry on its head. Are you ready?

Following up on last year’s standing-room-only talk on how developers really see their gamer audience, Andrew Mayer will explain to you why the next five years in gaming are going to bring massive changes to the industry, including what games we play, where we play them, and how we play.

He’ll also take a look at the big issues: Is this really the last console generation? Why are your favorite developers already making games for Facebook and the iPhone? And he’ll show you how you’ll end up paying more to play your favorite games once everything is free.

In this fast and furious look at the near future, Andrew will cover where things are going, how we’re going to get there, and what that’s going to mean to you as a gamer, whether you like it or not.

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