I’ve probably mentioned this before (and I certainly will again), but the whole point of adding the epithet “punk” to a word to create a movement, really depends on having  methods or ideas that were once so expensive that they could only be accessed by the elite becoming cheap and ubiquitous, allowing them to fall directly into the hands of the masses. That’s why you so often see the word paired with some kind of technology. And as we enter an age where mass-production and manufacturing techniques are becoming increasingly lower-cost, while increasing customization,  it now takes only a small team to do what was once the work of an entire factory.

Case in point: Sculpture, where large-scale installation projects that were once few and far between are now becoming more and more commonplace.

This rocket installation on the Embarcadero in San Francisco is a great example of the kind of crazy new projects that we’ve seen spring up in the last decade or so, and I hope we see more of them.


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