San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Five Day Tickets Sell Out.

After five years of attending I’ve already been considering skipping San Diego next year. Getting tickets don’t matter much as I usually attend the show as a professional, but I’m starting to feel like it isn’t worth the hassle between the hotels and the general pressure-cooker atmosphere that everything is under. Even thinking of the show as an industry event is less useful since everyone on the floor is worn out and overwhelmed by the time they get there.

A big part of the show for me, a big part of any show, is that feeling of connection with the other attendees, and as San Diego finds itself unable to grow, I find myself less and less able to figure out who the audience for this beast actually is.

Now the show is selling out in October for an August event. It’s awesome that there is enough interest in a genre driven event to sell out that early, but I’m just not sure I want to spend five days with people s so desperate to attend it that they’ve purchased their ticket ten months in advance.

Comicon needs room to grow. Right now, like a Bonsai tree, or a calf in a box, it’s in danger of become something very twisted…

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