One problem with having projects sitting in the drawer is that over time, the good names can get taken.

Case in point is a werewolf comic I developed a few years back originally called “Red State”. I had to dump that name when Kevin Smith announced he was going to direct a movie called the same thing. Even though it’s taken him years to get it through the pipeline, it’s going to be made, which is more than I can say for mine—at least for now.

Feeling clever about it, I renamed the project “Red”, and gave every issue a unique title based around that color: “Tide”, “Light”, etc. The idea was the reader would see the name of the book, and then the individual chapter title. So, Red: Light, Red: Tide, etc. Sort of clever, right?

But now I’ve just discovered that SyFy channel (clearly the masters of clever names) have come up with their own color coded werewolf story:

For the record, mine is better.

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