Forbes just put up a great article about the rise of the Wii and the rebirth of Nintendo.

As happy as I’ve been about the platform I’ve watched the Wii become a smash hit success over the last eight months with a sense of disbelief.

Over the last few generations I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, giving my love to the Saturn, the Dreamcast, and then the GameCube.  In every case the market turned their back on these plucky go-getters and instead went with the flashy systems with the reputation for “putting out”.

With this generation I thought I had learned my lesson, and I tried not to get to excited about the casual friendly upstart with the visionary control system. But the sense of anticipation was palpable, and something just seemed off about Sony’s bravado.

Even as the numbers roll in folks on the gaming forums are very wary on calling this one for Nintendo, but I think they’re just afraid that the future may no longer be driven by technology and sci-fi and fantasy themes.

The truth is that when something goes mainstream it can be very scary for the previous generation as they watch “their” hobby get taken over by the masses, and it may take a while to get over the denial phase, and into some good old fashioned bargaining and anger.  I’m sure we’ll get there soon enough.

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