Merry Christmas Mister Krampus

A SOCIETY OF STEAM Christmas Adventure.

The Krampus Has Invaded New York City And Only a 12-Year-Old Girl Can Stop Him!

CrampusCover-450x665It’s Christmas time, and Sir Denis Darby has taken young Sarah Stanton on shopping expedition in one of New York’s amazing new-fangled department stores.

But despite being surrounded by holiday cheer, Sarah is far less interested in the expensive baubles and bangles than she is in uncovering the mystery behind a boy she catches stealing one of them from behind the display cabinet.

Chasing after the boy, Sarah discovers the entrance to another, darker, New York that lies just underneath the glamorous façade of the store above.

Re-join your favorite steampunk superheroes in a new adventure featuring Sarah Stanton, Sir Denis Darby, and the amazing Automaton, in this previously untold Christmas prequel to the highly rated SOCIETY OF STEAM series.

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