The Dark Knight

I’ve been reading some rumors that Superman is testing well. With the repeated collapse of a larger universe, along with epic failures like the terrible Green Lantern film of 2011, it may be that Warners is going to take Nolan’s version to the full franchise.

It makes sense to me, and I’m sure it does to them as well. I’ll be interested in seeing Nolan’s vision expands to cover characters far less grounded than Bruce Wayne. Even the last Batman film started to feel a little shaky as we got the bomb with the big countdown timer on the side.

That said, Nolan has never been quite as “realistic” as his cinematic style would make it appear, and Warners has been sitting on a treasure trove of characters that just can’t seem to make the jump to the big screen in the same way that Iron Man and Thor did for Marvel.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this…

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