Interesting review from Touch Arcade that points out paying to unlock game levels in a game you already paid for is a game is a model for player frustration.

Ms. Splosion Man is not a pay-to-play game. That term gets thrown around too casually. But the line between grinding levels to earn coins or taking the easy way out and buying IAP feels like obvious attempt to herd players to the App Store. Earning coins that I can cash in for optional power-ups, I don’t mind. That’s pretty much a given where mobile platformers are concerned.

But even more a given is the expectation that beating one level in a platformer will open up the next one. Purchasing the rest of the game won’t cost you much more than the game’s base price on its native platform, but finding out that the $3 price tag opens up what amounts to a demo unexpectedly soured the experience for me.

I understand that companies are looking for a higher revenue per paying user, but I think there’s an obvious difference between an admission fee and a mugging.

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