Betsey Was Only Fooling Herself

They call New Jersey the Garden State, but Betsey Weisz’ life is all fertilizer and no flowers. Instead of becoming a big-time New York City fashion designer, she’s stuck behind the cash register in a small-time New Jersey diner.

Then a bolt of cosmic lightning transforms a geriatric mobster into a soul-sucking spider-demon. Luckily for Betsey, the monster isn’t the only supernatural being that’s appeared in the diner’s parking lot: from out of a fractal crack in the sky steps Matt Zero, the Fool—an impossibly handsome stranger who can’t remember who he is or where he came from. All he knows is that he’s looking for “the World,” and this one ain’t it.

If they’re going to survive Betsey and Matt will have to figure out a how to defeat the demon together. But before she can escape from the monster and her dead-end life, Betsey Weisz must confront the truth about where she really is and how she got here — and it’s secret buried so dark and deep that it’s literally out of this world.

Leap into mind-blowing alternate realties with Betsey Weisz and Matt Zero, the Fool, as they reveal the secrets of the multiverse, and discover the truth about who (and what) they both really are.

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