image There’s something about the pot of gold at the video game rainbow that makes Hollywood get crazy from time to time.

It’s MTV’s turn to go nuts, giving Jerry Bruckheimer a deal to make Video Games.

Is it the 90s again already?image

So far, in the history of games, there is possibly one game that pops into my mind that has benefited from this kind  of synergy.  Beyond that is a trail of tears many of millions dollars long…

While the two mediums may have some things in common they are not the same thing.  In fact, at this point in the history of the medium it’s pretty safe to say that what makes a game work (gameplay) is in many ways opposed to narrative.

Trying to bridge the gap by throwing money at the problem doesn’t seem to help much, and I’m pretty sure that the problem is going to be solved by the new technology poaching from the old, and not the other way around.

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