I hate to say I told you so, but things are looking rough for the mean green giant

image But signs of trouble abound, leading to lip-biting among some Marvel investors, Hulk fans and movie theater owners. “There are people who clearly don’t think it looks good and are expecting a bomb,” said Doug Creutz, an entertainment analyst at Cowen & Company.

The trailer, engineered to vanquish memories of the 2003 film, arrived last month and instantly polarized the comic book crowd. The look of the new Hulk — meaner and greener — won praise from some fans online, but several influential tastemakers held their noses.

Entertainment Weekly pronounced the computer-generated effects “totally fake-looking,” while obsessedwithfilm.com deemed the project “just hideous.”

And then there’s the bickering among the creative team.

Everything could turn out great in the end, but I’m not hopeful.

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