Here comes the metaphors:

Skittles or Steak? I hate to admit it, but I like both. For me, it is not a choice. Nothing quite works like a steak for dinner. But, when I go to the movies, and I want to indulge, it’s Skittles for me. It is a bit embarrassing to admit. For me, it’s Skittles and Steak. I like both.

That’s broken on many levels I don’t know where to begin. How about that a good mobile game can take hours to play, and that we’re within a few years of console/tablet graphic parity? How about the fact that we don’t naturally need to game 3 times a day?

He follows that up with an appeal to the semi-mythical audience of "gamers", without realizing that the audience is not monolithic and ever evolving. Gaming itself has changed as a generation raised on Pokemon has replaced the audience that came before as the primary consumers of interactive entertainment.

It won’t end well.

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