CEO’s Keynote speeches can often sound like a mash-up of things they’ve heard from their employees, some VC buzzwords, and a heaping helping of misunderstood blog posts.

This post over at Magical Wasteland does a pretty good job of capturing the zeitgeist of those vertically integrated encapsulated mass communication encounters in a humorous context so as to provide concentrated insight.

For our last project we used Scrum, and boy, are we glad we did. There is no way anything we did would have been possible without it. What is Scrum, you ask? It’s a set of new terminology for things that already happen when groups of people work together. For example, instead of a “meeting,” you have a “Scrum,” and so on.

You should use Scrum too, since it will solve all your problems. If I’ve piqued your interest, sign-up sheets for my specially discounted seminars on Scrum can be found clipped to the bottom of your conference program.

I suppose it’s the ability to say it with a straight face that gets you the big bucks.

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