I’m rereading Robert McKee’s STORY for my comic writing class. (That I’m taking from Brian Michael Bendis, because it’s awesome.)

In the book McKee discusses how Fantasy is the genre that ends up hewing most closely to a classic narrative structure.

Since in most fantasy stories the character’s internal emotions end up getting externalized as metaphorical monsters and objects (Is that a magic sword in your scabbard, or are you just happy to see me?) it makes sense to me that the stories themselves would end up following a very traditional narrative structure.

I think that’s undermined a bit with urban fantasy stories, and its also probably one of the reasons I think that Martin’s GAME OF THRONES tends to feel a bit different. Five books in, and it’s still not really clear who the hero is yet…

But in the end, even the conflicted anti-heroes like Elric seem to always end up solving their internal issues through an external event.

Or am I thinking too broadly here?

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