Surprising no-one but Facebook itself, they’ve changed the way Beacon works.

All in all it’s a good case study on the way things work on the Internet, and object lesson for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to try and make a business model out of aggregating and disseminating non-anonymous user information without permission.  Although I can’t imagine why you would think that was a good idea…

It’s a social networking site, one that even has the ability to join causes built into the software itself.  What did they really expect was going to happen? It’s also a win for, who’ve managed to prove that privacy is a worthwhile political issue. My guess is that they’ll work hard to build on this momentum.

It’s almost shocking to me how much hand-wringing Facebook went through before throwing in the towel. It was pretty clear from the outside that this was going to be the result from day one.  And I’m wondering if it hasn’t done some permanent damage to their reputation, although it’s enough of a juggernaut these days I imagine they’ll shrug it off. That is as long as they don’t try and pull a fast one.

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