My good friend @TedNaifeh has finished a ten your story with the final issue of his Courtney Crumrin series.

I believe that stories should end. Otherwise, they don’t truly say anything, and are therefore not really stories. Certain stories create rich, inviting worlds, and I often feel a deep desire to to return there over and over again. But I usually find that, after too long, the story stops moving, becomes stagnant, and the world loses its meaning. I didn’t want to do that with Courtney’s world, as much as I would have loved to dwell there forever.

Having only spent five years writing and publishing the Society of Steam trilogy, I totally get where he’s coming from.

If you haven’t read them up until now, or you just realized that you want to read them again, Oni is putting out gorgeous hardbound editions that I highly recommend.courtney-crumrin-volume-1-night-things-special-edition-ted-naifeh-hardcover-cover-art

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