I’d almost forgotten about this until David Pescovitz posted it over at Boing Boing the other day.

I was thinking about good metaphors that could be used to explainwhat it is that game designers actually do, as opposed to what it is that most people think it is that they do. I chuckled when it dawned on me that the old “Close to the Edit” video is a pretty damn good visual metaphor for the day to day job of a game designer, and so I present it here, with that context in mind:

It may seem fairly abstract, but pointing at creative objects and yelling “Hey!” (Ico style) in order to unleash a team of power-tool wielding musicians to attack them in semi-musical fashion is, at the very least, an amusing way to think about the process of game production.

Agree, disagree, have other videos you think work better? Post them in the comments.

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