I’ve been saying for at least the last nine years that the content has become the marketing for the packaging.  I guess the people in the position to make those decisions are finally starting to agree with me.

imageHey gang! This is a very cool, very historic first for MySpace Comic Books, and a great way to celebrate  the new year!
In partnership with our excellent friends at BOOM! Studios, we are releasing a comic book series online at the same time as it is released in comic book stores. You read that right: you can download the complete issues of NORTH WIND for FREE on the same day they hit the stands!
Today, we are proud to release NORTH WIND 01. You can read the pages online below, or download the complete issue to your hard drive to read at your leisure with your favorite comic book reader. The choice is yours!

Download NORTH WIND 01 now!

Comics have been giving away the first issue online for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen an entire series from a major publisher put up on the net.

And it probably isn’t going to sell that much more than an average book.  But even that may be a victory of sorts.

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