There’s probably very few readers of this blog that actually played the first BG&E. That’s okay, because very few people anywhere played the game.

It was brilliant in its own way, being an early example of the kind of action-story adventure that’s become much more common on the current generation of hardware. But unlike those games it isn’t that dark or particularly gritty.

Being French it has more of a “City of Lost Children” feel to the proceedings.  A modern fairy tale if you will. And despite a light beam puzzle, which seemed to infect every game around that time, it was as fun to play as it was to watch.

A true cult classic I figured that we would never seen the further adventures of Jade and her porcine friend.  Turns out I was wrong:

I’m more than pleasantly surprised by the news. 

Like the Firefly movie it’ll probably go down in flames, never to be seen again, but at least we’ll get one more great ride.

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