Andrew Mayer is a novelist and digital entertainment consultant.

His epic superhero steampunk trilogy, “The Society of Steam” was completed in 2013, and has garnered stellar reviews for its unique blend of history, technology, fully-realized characters, and rollicking action.

Besides writing genre fiction, Andrew is an interactive entertainment designer and consultant. He was the original producer/designer for the award-winning Petz series, crafting the learning algorithms that powered the artificial intelligence for the Dogz and Catz. The series continues has been an evergreen best-seller ever since its launch in the mind 90s.

During his career he has created interactive entertainment experiences for (and across) almost every platform and medium you can (or can’t) imagine, including: PCs, Playstation, XBox, television/streaming-video, social games, massively multiplayer games, mobile, gamification, animation, flash, CD-ROM, DVD, and more. He has worked with (and for) numerous entertainment and game companies, including Sony, Warner Brothers, Bioware/EA, Glu, SGN, Telepictures, Zynga, Sojo, Playfirst, The Learning Company, Linden Labs, Mob Science, and many more.

Andrew lives with his partner, Anya, and his fetching cat, Mister Q, in a lovely and peculiar cottage in the almost non-existent town of Albany, California. He is currently writing his new series of inter-dimensional cosmic adventure; “The Fool”.


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