The Changeling—EPISODE 05

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WHAT IF… You’re Facing the Monster Even Monsters are Afraid Of?

The city of Billyburg has fallen, and Betsey and Liesl have barely managed to escape with their lives. But before they can make it to the safety of the changeling stronghold of Fort Greene, they must face another monster, and this time they must do it alone.

But even if Betsey can make it to safety inside the city walls, what waits for her on the other side isn’t sanctuary, it’s judgement.

And Matt Zero, the one person in the entire multiverse who might have the answers that Betsey needs to survive, is nowhere to be found.






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The Changeling—EPISODE 03

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With the help of a small group of changelings, Betsey Weisz has escaped from soldiers chasing her, only to run straight into Witch Queen’s army.

Far more terrifying than the hundreds of human warriors is the wereling: once a shapeshifter like her, it’s been twisted into a monster through the use of shaping to manipulate flesh—one of the changeling’s greatest taboos.

But it doesn’t always take magic to make monsters, and Betsey witnesses a savage betrayal on the battlefield that opens her eyes to the real fight for power that is happening in this world.