The Changeling—EPISODE 04

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WHAT IF… the world is falling apart, and it isn’t even your world?

The good news is that Matt Zero is awake and alive. The bad news? The FooL’s on fire, and everything is burning down around him!

But even if Matt Zero can survive the out of control shaping magic that just saved saved his life, it doesn’t mean that he’s out of danger—not by a long shot.

And while the changelings are busy figuring out what to do to (and with) Matt, Betsey has been thrown in a cage. If she’s gong to survive this strange place, she had better do what she can to try and understand what it really means to be a changeling, and how she can use the power to transform from woman to wolf and back again to her own advantage.

But mastering her power is only half the battle. The Witch Queen’s army waits just outside the gates of the city, and once they break through no changeling inside the walls be safe.

Betsey’s real journey in this strange new reality has only just begun.






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The Changeling—EPISODE 03

Available on Kindle NOW.

With the help of a small group of changelings, Betsey Weisz has escaped from soldiers chasing her, only to run straight into Witch Queen’s army.

Far more terrifying than the hundreds of human warriors is the wereling: once a shapeshifter like her, it’s been twisted into a monster through the use of shaping to manipulate flesh—one of the changeling’s greatest taboos.

But it doesn’t always take magic to make monsters, and Betsey witnesses a savage betrayal on the battlefield that opens her eyes to the real fight for power that is happening in this world.